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New DonCierge Page

As an Airbnb or Hotel owner

You want your guests to have the best experience possible

Good experience leads to good reviews, return business and referrals

Meet DonCierge -

Your Digital Concierge

DonCierge allows you to create a custom page for your property, highlighting all the local attractions and amenities...

  • Help your guests have the best stay possible by putting your local knowledge into DonCierge and sharing it with your guests
  • Nobody knows your neighborhood like you do. Use DonCierge to share all that knowledge with every one of your guests
  • It's the next best thing to showing them around yourself

Frequently Asked Questions...

With DonCierge, you control everything...

  • You can create lots of filters - Best Of, Kid Friendly, Pet Friendly, Eating near the hotel, Best eateries further afield
  • You can create as many filters as you like
  • You can control where on the map each filter is focused
  • You control what attractions will appear in each filter
Your property will always be on the map, tying it all back to your property and giving you kudos for all the attractions you are showing.

Don is always there for you...

  • Click on Don to summon him any time you need to know something...
  • You can add comments to each filter and DonCierge will read them aloud to your guests (Chrome/Safari/Edge only)
  • All attractions have a pin on the map... your guests can use their GPS software on their phones to get driving directions to even the most obscure locations. No more guests getting lost!
  • Have multiple properties... create multiple DonCierge pages to highlight the best of each property


  • Top Attractions
    Most likely, this is the reason why they're visiting your area in the first place
  • Practicalities
    It's nice to list the nearest hospital, clinic, post office, churches, grocery store, etc
  • Live Like a Local
    No one knows the area like a local - show off all your favorite things and secret places that only you can share
  • Near and Far
    DonCierge is not just for highlighting the local resturants and attractions... maybe your guests will also be visiting nearby cities or places not exactly on your doorstep. With DonCierge, you can move the map and highlight anything you want
  • Make it Personal
    Don will read out all the information on your behalf - so put some of your personality into your descriptions as if you're talking to your guests in person
  • Everyone's Included
    Include kid-friendly filters, pet-friendly filters, things to do in the summer/winter, things for a rainy day (nearest cinema or bowling alley)
Make your guests wish they had longer... help them have the best stay possible and make them want to come back again!

More Info

Check out these videos to learn more about DonCierge and GuRoute...

A closer look at the sample DonCierge listing from our introductory video

What you can expect when you go to create your DonCierge page

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Discover Your World

Share your Experiences

Record your Life


DonCierge is built on the GuRoute Travel Framework

GuRoute specializes in allowing people to not only discover attractions around the world, but also to share their own discoveries. GuRoute also allows users to record places they visit:

  • Start using GuRoute today and build a travel diary for your entire life
  • Share your travels with your friends and family
  • Invite your friends to join GuRoute and record your travels together

When you visit places through DonCierge, you have the option to sign in and start writing on your GuRoute Timeline.

The same username and password will work on both and

Check out our sample timeline to see the possibilities...


Doncierge would like to access your current location so that we can pin you on the map and show you nearby attractions

Add friends so that you can share your experiences with each other...

Add tour to What's Next?


Either for yourself or someone else...

  1. Do your trip research in Doncierge
    Add all the places that you think might be worthy of a visit into a trip-plan
  2. Add your trip-plan to your "What's Next" timeline
    (or a friend's "What's Next" timeline)
  3. When you're on vacation you'll have all your research at your fingertips
  4. Share your timline with your friends
    They can enjoy your vacation with you, seeing not only where you've been, but where you're going next...
  5. Add/remove attractions if things change

It also makes a great souvenir of your trip



Create a home page for a collection of attractions

  • Add an image and description to display on the homepage
  • Start adding content
    Add existing attractions to your collection or create new attractions of your own
  • Collections can be:
    • Public (Anyone can add attractions to your collection)
    • Shared (Only yourself and Gurus you nominate can add content)
    • Private (The collection will only be visible to yourself)


  • Local business or hotel
    Showcase local attractions that you endorse
  • Clubs
    Showcase attractions that members have created (eg. local historical society)
  • Special Interest
    If Doncierge does not have a category for your special interest you add your attractions to your own collection instead


Walking/Driving Tours


A guided tour where Doncierge will direct you from stop to stop and narrate a description of each attraction you arrive at

  • Doncierge uses your phone's GPS to guide you from stop to stop
  • Doncierge automatically detects when you arrive at the next tour-stop and narrates the description of the attraction (Chrome Only)
  • It then sends you on to the next stop

Tours are great to attract people to your town. Even places with no significant points of interest can be lots of fun when part of a tour

Cater tours to your Audience

  • Kid-friendly Tours
    • Focus on what will keep kids interested
    • Instead of parents having to drag their kids around they'll be struggling to keep up
    • Let the kids navigate and they'll get more fun out of finding that historical plaque than they ever would from reading it
  • Accessible tours
  • Short and long tours of the same location

What you need to do...

  1. Click 'Go...'
    Enter a title, description and location for the tour
  2. Add existing attractions OR create new ones and add them to the tour
  3. For existing attractions you can add more information specific to the theme of the tour
  4. You can also add instructions on what to do or see en-route to the next tour-stop
  5. Try out your tour and see how it works...

Mystery Tour


Create a Mystery Tour

Create a series of clues to show people around a city, neighborhood or whatever place you like...

  • Doncierge will show people clues to get them from attraction to attraction
  • When they reach each stop Doncierge will tell them about the place and give them the next clue
  • Take as long or as you like and explore each location at your leisure

Scavenger Hunt


Create a Scavenger Hunt

Create a series of questions that people have to answer. The answers can all be discovered by walking aroung the area, looking for clues.

  • How many beers are on tap at Michael Collin's Irish Bar?
  • What's the name of the oldest building on main streeet?
  • Show a picture of some public art and ask them what it is called
  • Clues can have numeric or multiple choice answers